Built In Wardrobes

  • Organize and Save Space with Built in Wardrobes

    Is your current closet space a mess, so jam packed and unorganised that you are having a tough time even putting your outfits together? We've all been there and that includes finding yourself with a limited amount of space when it comes to storing everything in an organised manner including blankets, extra towels, bedding, toys; you get the picture. If this applies to you, now is a good time to consider having a professional build and install a built in wardrobe(s) in your home by GSM Carpentry. The best built in wardrobe is the one that is well designed and that will work well with the amount of space you have available in any given room.Close up of built in wardrobes in Thanet

    Perfect by Design

    Before you decide on a built in wardrobe, you'll want to make sure to take advantage all of the space you have available to you, from the floor to the ceiling; an experienced carpenter will personally meet with you at your home for a consultation and provide you with professional advice regarding the best usage of your available space and how to best organise it. For example, you can place bins on higher shelves, use roll out boxes, positioned on the floor, and using hanging rails in taller wardrobes. It's always a good idea to use any less accessible spaces for out of season items and things that you only wear or use occasionally. Some built in wardrobes are big enough to be considered walk-in versions and if you're planning on walk-in style wardrobes you'll also need to consider adding a mirror and an adequate lighting source.

    Multi-Functional Use

    In the bedroom these space saving wardrobes can be used to store the obvious including clothes, handbags, hats, jewellery, shoes, valuable, spare blankets and much more. Built in wardrobes aren't just for the bedroom either; they're great for other areas of the home, including the laundry room (laundry supplies, baskets, rails for hanging clothes straight from the dryer, etc.), office (books, office supplies, etc.), the family room play area (store board games, toys, DVD's etc), man caves (trophies, games, favourite pub glasses, etc.) and more. One of the best things about built in wardrobes is that you can have them customised for your specific needs by adding unique combinations of racks, shelving, baskets and more.

    Just as a beautifully upgraded kitchen or bathroom can help sell your home for top dollar, so can high quality built in wardrobes. Buyers are always looking for plenty of storage space (its usually at the top of their list), so installing built in wardrobes will be a worthy investment; just be sure to go for quality because this isn't where you want to cut corners. The best wardrobes are constructed using durable, high quality materials and can be designed to match the current d√ącor of the room, it's being installed in, even blending with your existing motif and furnishings. It is added upgrades like these that increase the overall value of the home.

    Built in wardrobes are specifically designed to fit your preferred space and will make use of every spare available inch, providing you with maximum storage. Best of all, you'll be in control of every aspect of your wardrobe unit, so you'll be able to make your own design statement including the doors.

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